i mean the local school down the street they locked it down that day. and he was also kind of like my mentor. i had noticed him when him and i. were in the living room, alone together. >> reporter: he's potentially thinking up all these different ways to kill his wife. and i said, "well, denise should be there any minute she must have been late." #leuthold Journal Star 3.54K subscribers Subscribe 3 3.7K views 8 years ago More on Aina Dobilaite's. in junior high i began to see her character and see what kind of person she was that way. >> reporter: was this just the bad dream that wouldn't end? i knew he was guilty. there's nothing more important to me than you and this relationship. >> i fell apart and cried. i didn't think it was -- >> i know, but i mean -- but the thing is, we're talking about things that, once you start piecing things together, we're trying to figure things out. a missionary's unusually close relationship with a young exchange student. she's been shot in the house. >> reporter: between learning about aina and all the evidence they collected, police had enough to arrest nathan. but he was anxious to be with his children. >> we the jury find the defendant nathan leuthold guilty of first degree murder. >> no. we're looking at a travel time of 7 minutes and 55 seconds. no. stop cleaning. i mean, we're not accountants, but we know when it doesn't add up. >> we were able to account for him up to about 11:30 in the morning. >> reporter: and this is man who's devoted his life to being a good person. he also wanted to say that the police never hooked past him to catch the real intruder in what was a real burglary. and we just trusted her 100% with them. and so that everything would look fine. >> as a teenager it was very clear that she had given her life to the lord and wanted to serve him, she was always the one volunteering helping at church right alongside of her mother. >> i asked her more than one time, i said, "well, aren't you jealous that he's traveling around with this young girl?" more likely, they figured, than a stranger breaking into the house during the roughly 20 minutes denise was out. >> what was it down there for? there's no way that i could ever fathom nathan doing this to his wife. >> reporter: during school vacations, aina would stay in peoria with the whole family. >> i was exhausted. lysol. >> reporter: had denise leuthold been killed by an intruder, part of a burglary gone wrong, or had, someone close to her been involved? a personalized ranking provided by U.S. News College >> what's important about that, too, is he said that it was in oklahoma, two weeks prior. >> we appreciate the cooperation. the glass is on the ground. this is lifetime coverage as long as you pay your premiums. >> i was like 99% sure that they had to come back with a guilty verdict. think your copd medicine is doing enough? police learned more about their relationship when they pulled nathan and aina's phone records. >> reporter: nathan's trial began on july 14, exactly 17 months after the murder. >> i think a lot of people were anxious, especially the family. i meant that to mean that is, interesting or that it is odd. but whatever it was jurors heard and saw in that courtroom, it was enough. drown, bathtub. >> what was so odd about the look on his face? in the u.s. they could also celebrate holidays american-style as they did on valentine's day, 2013. >> when mr. leuthold visited you in chicago in 2012, did he buy you presents? not account for him anywhere. >> reporter: it was a lot to take in. >> reporter: but prosecutors said, there was no covering up letters nathan had sent aina including this one read by an interpreter during a deposition. The state's attorney labeled the murder "a Valentine's Day present" from the Leuthold to Dobilaite. >> reporter: a laptop, digital camera and jewelry had been stolen. that doesn't bother you?" >> this was an incomplete investigation. but her testimony made it clear she was not eager to help the state. just $9.95 a month for colonial penn's number one most popular whole life insurance plan. and she trusted nathan. killers execute in the style, consistent with what the defendant did, hiding in that cubicle to kill her the moment she walked through the door. As a Gael, you are never alone on your journey. detergent alone can't. flo: don't worry. many sister was there with me. any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to stamps.com/tv and never go to the post office again! she had studied music her whole life. we could get in the text messages, we could get in the e-mails. i said, "just wait a few more minutes. i didn't give much of a thought to the word interesting. >> i can see that the window pane was broken. >> i observed some kitchen cabinets open and some kitchen drawers on the floor. >> did you think maybe someone had a reason to be in that house, outside of just a random burglary? >> yes, uh-huh. and you know, he was like a son to us. >> reporter: that gap was crucial because it was during that time frame that police believe the murder happened. there are no health questions to answer and there are no medical exams to take. >> in the house? >> we had a -- started a foundation overseas called hope for tomorrow to combat suicide. >> reporter: they also analyzed thing nathan had told them at. but there's that 1%. >> reporter: after the early morning celebration, the family went back to their usual routine, taking the kids to school, shopping, running errands. Read more about how we rank schools. red light's going to add on a little bit of time. 15.4K followers. >> reporter: now she had to tell her husband, denise's father. >> we had helped women who'd been in abusive relationships. it had happened so often, the owner said, she thought they were a couple. >> reporter: but denise was not there to support nathan because, the state argued, he killed her. >> but he wasn't there when the procedure was being done? and at that point i reached out for them and we just hugged. >> translator: i'm not sure if every time we were at the hotel we were together alone. everyone. >> describe his demeanor. Illinois Central College offers the education you need to begin a new career or start your pathway to a four-year college or university. how would he answer that? just $9.95 a month for colonial penn's number one most popular whole life insurance plan. she never called a counseling hot line. >> reporter: 39-year-old denise leuthold lying in a pool of blood had barely made it inside the house. >> reporter: maybe, it wasn't a burglary at all. >> i really wasn't sure what the jury was going to come back with. >> everything stopped. >> he denied it. >> we didn't know any lithuanian at the time, we didn't know the language. >> by the time we got here officers were starting to rope everything off securing the inside of the house. >> my parents called me, "do you want us to pick her up?" say hello to neuriva, a new brain supplement with clinically proven ingredients that fuel five indicators of brain performance. is that feasible, that if he was a -- >> no. More on Aina Dobilaite's legal situation. we're now at 4 1/2 minutes. >> reporter: but he became worried once he got home and saw denise's car wasn't in the driveway and it looked like the house had been broken into. denise had just gotten home when she was killed but why was her car some place else? he said he didn't know. and we didn't have it. coming up -- >> he was the only person with whom i could talk in lithuanian. >> but things were stolen. so you have ten years experience i do. >> for what -- when was this? >> typical scenario? >> i'm trying to figure out how many sets of keys are out there. and it's consistent with our evidence. metamucil supports your daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium. >> ever the time there was a difficulty in life, the first person i would talk to would be denise. >> that is the accusation by those who from day one wanted to. >> i don't know what to think. >> were the kids already up? Receive >> reporter: then, aina mentioned something that sparked their curiosity. >> exactly. everyone. i would. (vo) you earned it, we're here to make sure you get it. >> reporter: their perfect world broken by an act so evil, it tore a family apart. and we know that we loved her. Dobilaite originally traveled to the United States to pursue college in Florida before traveling to Peoria to attend Illinois Central College until switching to a school in Chicago. >> this is a girl that they'd wanted to help. >> what was it that you liked about her so much? i will not make excuses. and a guilty verdict would steal from the children their other parent. starts with -hi!mple how can i help? >> reporter: but something else was even more troubling. how did you tell them their father killed their mother? >> reporter: to be with aina, to groom aina as your new wife. try theraflu. lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria. See reviews and ratings of this school >> he said he received a phone call from a lithuanian exchange student. any boyfriends, anything like that? five-ten minutes at least which i considered to be somewhat unusual. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. >> what's the problem? >> she's the main one that holds it all together. >> "you want to humiliate me by running around with a 20-year-old? >> reporter: by the fall of 2010, nathan and denise were living back in the states. his real valentine. his demeanor, his attitude. >> reporter: for a day that ended so tragically, it began in a happy way with flowers and expressions of love. >> he said no. so, i sent her a text message, she'll get it when she gets there. did it look like a normal burglary? Think why I should hold grudge Next How many bedrooms do you stay in two Next If I knew that I only had one year to live, what would I change in my life? i guess it's every parent's worst nightmare to have a child taken from them. Iona is also #1 among schools with their main campuses in Westchester for the highest return on investment both 30 and 40 years after graduation, and in the top six percent nationwide, according to Georgetown Universitys Center on Education and the Workforce. at 40 hours a week, you're approaching darn close to almost an entire work year listening to, telephone conversations involving nathan. >> 6 minutes 55 seconds. >> reporter: prosecutors played the interview for the jurors, hoping they would see what they saw. Enter your test scores to see how you compare. or i'm not going to answer that. >> why not cut to the chase and take a test from nathan? y'know what? >> reporter: what was suspicious about what was taken? no hard proof nathan killed denise. with less eczema, you can show more skin. the children would be robbed of just one parent, not of both. >> reporter: so it turns out on the day of the murder, nathan was at the same park where denise's car was later found. there had to be another one. >> yes. >> reporter: denise's mom had no idea what happened. >> reporter: in the meantime, denise's parents made the difficult choice to return to their home, the scene of the crime. >> reporter: and prosecutors had another piece of evidence they say proved an affair, a secret that shook the courtroom. while she didn't name aina, she mentioned a much younger woman. Iona University is a Catholic school in Westchester County, New York, about 20 miles north of Manhattan. >> i say denise interrupts a burglar and he shoots her, that guy is getting the hell out of town. no way.? he said, "that'd be great." >> reporter: another problem with the investigation, the defense pointed out, was that while the state made a big deal about the gunshot residue on nathan's sweatshirt, they never tested his hands for the substance. diane knew it was coming. >> and it just kind of kept snowballing from there till we figured we had to go up and track her down. >> did you outright ask her, "were you having a sexual relationship" -- >> yeah. where in any one of those things do you have any indication at all that nathan and aina were lovers? when i drive the car to get the. then the police arrived. that would not be fair to you. Kua 'Aina UK. it challenged the very core of nathan's defense that denise was at the center of his life and he would never hurt her. >> so, i called, she didn't answer, no big deal. As of July 2014, Aina had known defendant for : at least 13 or 14 years. and i'm not faulting you. but no sign of the gun. it's not like a high crime area where there's gunshots all the time, things like that. >> translator: i can't remember how many times. >> who could do something like this to a great young woman? >> reporter: that time, nathan called police, and spoke with an officer. why did aina say after the robbery, "interesting" smiley face? 715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY, 10801. >> hotels. >> this was his valentine's day present to aina and that is despicable. have you had any issues? denise's parents believed their daughter had been killed by a stranger until their minister came to visit one day. so if he's spending the money, she should be all right with it. >> eight people dead in mexico after a failed military operation to arrest the son of el chap o. now back to clin. olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. >> but something had been happening behind closed doors. >> how hard would it be for somebody to pry it open? >> just a darling girl with two darling children. my world had just been shattered. >> you can't tell me things about her. >> nathan has a very big heart for people. but what about a lip care routine? i'm not sure what a normal burglary looks like. Charges? Search the history of over 797 billion >> would you state your name? Nathan Leuthold Girlfriend; 4 4.Alleged mistress of Nathan Leuthold takes witness stand; 5 5.Friend shares thoughts, insight on Leutholds - Pekin Daily Times >> you will have eyewitness identification, dna, gunshot residue, motive. there was no other way. >> to the -- i think you referred to her as anna? >> do you know why anybody would want to break in the house? easy. www.pjstar.com Money taken from Leuthold children's account went to cover Lithuanian student's legal bills >> i was already shaving and showering and all that. it was a traumatic experience for her, i think. clearly aimed at nathan. sure, why not? and my husband said, "no, your dad made bad choices. after many years of working overseas as missionaries, the leuthold family had returned to peoria, illinois. i wanted to get a good look at him. and he made some really bad choices." but in reality, you know, bad things happen to good people all the time. >> reporter: toner insisted the cops zeroed in on nathan right from the start and never pursued any other leads. if i haven't pleased you in 17 years nothing i do now will please you. >> reporter: prosecutors said nathan also showed no emotion during his police interview, even when a detective told him denise was dead. Ina Dobilaite is on Facebook. take care of yourself." >> any time in a murder case when you don't have the handgun or the weapon, whatever it was, it's an uphill battle. >> reporter: but denise also became very devoted to the church there. In addition, Ionas recent campus acquisition in Bronxville, N.Y., just three miles from Ionas New Rochelle campus, paves the way for the establishment of the New York-Presbyterian Iona School of Health Sciences as well as additional athletic fields and performance spaces for student activities. we've got to solve this. and no clear-cut evidence nathan and aina were lovers. i'm going just about the speed limit, right on, which is 45 miles per hour. but there's that 1%. she didn't go to the school, she didn't call. >> scissors. three weeks after denise had been killed, they pulled her. >> i worked at a store that sold high-def tvs and we had a lot of small ones that they could have just picked up, taken away, you know. >> you will rule me out based upon what? - In charge of stock levels and weekly financial reports using Excel and our dedicated POS software. >> i mean, he described denise as the backbone of the family. More from Medium Bryan Ye in Better Humans How To Wake Up at 5 A.M. Every Day Reginald Ben-Halliday in Lessons from History. >> my husband thought, he's a missionary, he wouldn't kill anybody. Founder of a US based climate collaboration consultancy, closing the gap between innovation and implementation. >> scissors, and then lay it? i'm so blessed to have you in my life. July, 05 2012 - Verified by Illinois Central College Badges Awarded Copyright 2022 Merit Pages, Inc. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. it means that i could go back to being the father to the children. >> okay. prosecutors said was nathan's motive for the murder, was about to take the stand. >> no. >> reporter: not only possible, they said but probable. >> it was very devastating. and you know, this is kinda weird, pulled in the driveway. >> reporter: so they subpoenaed aina's school records. >> i felt bad for my husband because he told someone that he always thought that we had the perfect family, the perfect life. >> reporter: prosecutors said it, must have been nathan the neighbor saw that day, because police found a black hooded sweatshirt on his bedroom floor. >> reporter: denise seemed to confirm that her husband was having an affair. fits the cheater's lifestyle, the jerry springer show mind-set. radio that at your house somebody was shot. from students, alumni, staff and others. no. >> david d. smith. >> reporter: did you straight up ask him did you have anything to do with your wife's death? >> or hate? and at that point i called the police, called 911. >> she probably was. with the sleep number 360 smart bed it can. >> did you start to think that someone may have targeted denise? quickbooks. >> and a note to him from the woman he's accused of murdering. there's glass from the back door where somebody broke in. we took them upstairs to the bedroom. >> were you and nathan ever lovers? if you're age 50 to 85, you can get life insurance with options starting at just $9.95 a month. $$9.95? The conference covers theory, design and application of computer networks and distributed computing and information systems. >> reporter: what they found floored him. so she really was jealous even though she said that she wasn't. ICC offers 150+ programs of study, small class sizes, caring faculty, and plenty of opportunities to be involved on campus. >> i think aina was a big bombshell. >> reporter: and long enough they said, for nathan to wash, his hands to get the gunshot residue off, then leave to start his afternoon errands before picking up jenelle from day care. and take no offense cause we have to cover every base. >> you don't have the key either. i think it was disbelief. >> i tried to run up there to go into the house. smith testified that nathan told him he planned the murder specifically for valentine's day. based on court testimony, the murder occurred at around 12:30 p.m. after that, prosecutors said nathan would have had to drive denise's car to the park, get in his own car and then drive to starbucks where he was seen on surveillance video at 12:45 p.m. >> and he would have had to have done all that without leaving any blood smears, getting any blood on him. that was easy! >> what police do find is terrifying. i immediately go through the front door and flip the outside lights on. i did a lot of translating work and helping with organizing christian conferences in lithuania. and i felt that with the direction of the headlights, that whoever was in the vehicle could probably see me in my residence, and it made me a little bit uncomfortable. >> okay. >> reporter: it was in high. where she's at? good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. >> there was a church that was there that was already established and that church. Furthermore, Iona is ranked #19 nationwide in Money.coms list of Most Transformative Colleges. This is the 33-rd edition of AINA. she was my first girlfriend and my only girlfriend. , 2 . and it was quiet. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. it didn't look like a typical sponsor/sponsee relationship. so there's -- >> i can tell you she's dead. Tingnan ang profile ni Aina Marie Bautista sa LinkedIn, ang pinakamalaking komunidad ng propesyunal sa buong mundo. >> you're asking me what somebody else meant. The Innate Assessment sets you up for success by pairing you with majors, colleges and careers that fit your unique skills and abilities. My Name is Aina Dobilaite Am I afraid of telling the truth Depends on the situtation Next The Season I like the most Summer Next Do I hold grudges or do I forgive easily? >> there's nothing more important to me than you and this relationship. >> reporter: -- convicted? trelegy 1-2-3 save at trelegy.com, >> reporter: nathan leuthold's murder trial was nearing its end, when he had to decide whether to testify. prosecutors said he killed his wife so he could be with his true love, aina. Graduate students have more than 25 programs to choose from within the three schools as well. Kapiolani Community College have conferred upon Seowon Jung the degree of Associate in Arts Liberal Arts with all its privileges and obligations Given at Honolulu, Hawaii, this eighteenth day of December, two thousand nine.